Professionally moderated virtual discussions. Ideation Panels combine elements of Surveys, brainstorming, and online discussion to drive groups of experts to consensus.

Participants engage online from
wherever they are located.
Asynchronous engagement
means an evolving conversation
and simpler logistics.

Time Bound

Most Ideation Panels last 3 or 4
days, creating a sense of
urgency to "get things done."
Short engagements keep
participants engaged, preventing
fatigue from setting in.


Professional moderation by
trained facilitators keeps the
conversation focused and
purposeful. Moderators extract
key insights from the dialogue
and report on key findings.

Recent Ideation Panels
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Creating a Virtual Ideation Panel is fast and easy. Maven's trained staff work with you to scope the session, screen facilitators and participants, and execute, so you can focus on getting results.

Scope and configure the engagement.


Select qualified participants and moderators from the Maven Knowledge Marketplace or your private Knowledge Community.


Use Maven's intuitive platform to gather insights from the right people.


Receive key insights and summary infographics from the moderator.


Engage the Maven Idea Refinery to further evaluate the insights gathered during the engagement.

The Virtual Ideation Panel offered our team a convenient and remarkably fast way to bring together individuals with several different backgrounds simultaneously and source the expertise our team was having trouble finding on our own.”
Director, Global Research & Development
The Ideation Panel has proven to be an invaluable tool for our team. The insights we gathered were intriguing and we look forward to implementing the information we received.
Director of Investments
We have had great success with Maven in the past, but this initiative had us stumped. Using a Virtual Ideation Panel gave us a more comprehensive look at the market and put us in a great position!
Executive Director, Healthcare Ventures
I am amazed by the depth of knowledge and insights we pulled out in a short amount of time. For a fraction of the cost and effort of assembling a group at our headquarters we managed to develop deeper insights from better-qualified people without anyone ever needing to leave home!
Director of Global Category Management
The Virtual Ideation Panel provided an unbelievable level of feedback and perspective. This event will be critical to our strategy moving forward.
Senior Director, Product and Technology Strategy
The wealth of information generated by Maven is unprecedented, given such a short time frame. I couldn’t imagine a more thorough and reliable source to have while reporting on the [Ebola] epidemic.
Healthcare Correspondent, National News Outlet
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